Coding skills

Modding can be a gateway to coding and programming – it could be the first step towards a career in game development. It’s a great way for your child to let their imaginations run wild while honing the coding skills they may have begun to learn in school.  But…

Dangers of Mods

The biggest concern around mods is the possibility of adult, explicit or age-inappropriate content being added to a game. For example, one of the most common modifications is to sexualise a (usually female) character’s appearance or simulate sexual activity.  These are not picked up by the games PEGI ratings and can be disturbing when young children find them.

Mods are sometimes accessed by “downloadable content”. Accessing content in this way could leave your device exposed to malware or viruses. XBox also warns that personal data may be exposed or accessed by the mod’s creator.


Read the full article from Parent Zone here.

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