We still have places on Teach Computing in Y5 course on Thursday, let me know if you have anyone you wish to come to it.  The other course still to start is the Teach Computing in Y6 – which is on May 12th.  Again, let me know if anyone wants to attend.
Piracy Advice
If children and young people want content that is unavailable to them, they may take to search engines at home or at school that some filters may not pick up. Streaming or downloading from illegal sites can expose them to viruses, age-inappropriate content and disturbing pop-ups.  Learn more about the issue from Internet Matters by clicking here.
Munchausen by Internet
VoiceBox (a youth-lead organisation) investigated a new digital phenomenon, faking certain health disorders on social media.  They uncovered a complex and troubling issue.  Read their report here.
Vampire Devices
With the hike in energy costs now could be the time to think about what devices we leave plugged in or on standby that are slowly using power and adding to costs.  British Gas say games consoles left on standby work out at an average of £12.17, while computers could cost about £11.22 per year.  Read the BBC report here.  It might be time to rethink the way we use our devices at home and school, and unplug instead of putting on standby.

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