Here is some information on the online teaching sessions run by Teen Tech.

Session dates and topics:

Wed 13th Jan 2021  1000-1100 Game Design Wed 20th Jan 2021 1130-1230
Fri 15th Jan 2021  1000-1100 Music Thurs 21st Jan 2021 1130-1230
Wed 20th Jan 2021  1000-1100 Space Wed 27th Jan 2021 1130-1230
Fri 22nd Jan 2021  1000-1100 Animation Thurs 28th Jan 2021 1130-1230
Wed 27th Jan 2021  1000-1100 Health Wed 3rd Feb 2021 1130-1230
Fri 29th Jan 2021 1000-1100 Future Technology Thurs 4th Feb 2021 1130-1230
Wed 3rd Feb 2021 1000-1100 Web Media Wed 10th Feb 2021 1130-1230
Wed 10th Feb 2021 1000-1100 Music Wed 22nd Feb 2021 1130-1230
Wed 24th Feb 2021 1000-1100 Machine Learning Wed 3rd Mar 2021 1130-1230

Tues 12th Jan 2021  1000-1100 Fri 22nd Jan 2021 1130-1230
Tues 19th Jan 2021  1000-1100 Fri 29th Jan 2021 1130-1230
Tues 26th Jan 2021 1000-1100 Fri 5th Feb 2021 1130-1230
Tues 2nd Feb 2021 1000-1100 Fri 12th Feb 2021 1130-1230
Tues 9th Feb 2021 1000-1100 Fri 26th Feb 2021 1130-1230

Dear teachers,

We totally appreciate the difficulties everyone is experiencing.  We know you will be doing a brilliant, yet exhausting job to keep everyone safe and secure.

We wanted to let you know that both our TeenTech City of Tomorrow and Innovation sessions work safely and well for pupils to access them from home. The projects genuinely offer a valuable learning experience whilst providing exciting access to inspiring mentors from industry.

We had tremendous success with this approach both during the first lockdown and during last term where whole year groups or individual students had to go home to isolate.

A flexible and highly praised offer

Students, teachers and parents really valued the content and delivery methodology of the sessions. Our platform is completely safe, and students and parents welcomed the quality of the live sessions and the feedback provided on students work. Over two thousand students accessed the sessions in this way.

How do students safely access the sessions from home? 

Teachers can register their classes/year groups using the form on our website. Once you have registered, we will then send the link for the requested session; you can then post the link to your secure online learning platform.  Pupils can watch the session on a mobile phone if they are without a computer /laptop.

Project work and feedback

Parents do not need to print off the worksheets – they can just use the templates as a guideline.

Children could either work in virtual teams to come up with ideas and then submit the projects for feedback, or work as individuals.  Pupils get really stuck in and we have been blown away by the ideas and commitment so far! Parents have enjoyed it too!

Pupils have enjoyed watching the feedback because they could still see the work of their peers and the approach was highly praised for providing much needed connectivity.

Do get in touch with Kathy Dare,, if you would like any further support or detail.

Download (PDF, 1.39MB)

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