You may have already heard about the SENDCo Free Conference July 7th through social media if not please see attached flyers, if you know someone who would be interested colleague or parent please forward the invitation

The conference will be held at The Tom Cowie Lecture Theatre, St Peter’s Campus, (building 11 on the map shown below)


For those too far away there will be a link to join on TEAMs

Anyone attending on site will be welcome to stay for the book launch, unfortunately we cannot extend the TEAMs link to cover this.

Frank Styles – Graffiti Artist who worked on the #SeeMe project will also be on Campus doing some work as part of the conference and book launch

Download (PDF, 140KB)

Please email [email protected] if you and/or your colleagues would like to attend

Download (DOCX, 311KB)

Download (DOCX, 113KB)


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