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Jan. 16, 2020

Over the years, Safer Internet Day (SID) has become a landmark event in the online safety calendar, with schools across the world getting involved to create a safer environment for all online. It’s now celebrated in over 150 countries worldwide. From cyber-bullying to social networking, each year Safer Internet Day (February 11th) aims to raise awareness of emerging online issues and chooses a topic reflecting current concerns, this year having the theme of Free to be me: Exploring identity online.  Whatever your school is planning for Safer Internet Day 2020, don’t forget to register as an official supporter of the day, to download your school’s certificate.

At 2Simple, we’re celebrating Safer Internet Day with Purple Mash offering several free resources that you can use in your classrooms. By focusing on identity online, we’re offering pupils the opportunity to consider how they can express themselves online and the implications of this through the following resources:

The resources below are free whether you subscribe to Purple Mash, or not.

Social Networks

  • Friendbook – encourage your pupils to discuss how online services are using the information we share to identify and profile us by introducing social networking sites.
  • Friendbook Party – Sophie has publicly shared details of her party on Friendbook. Allow your pupils to work in groups to discuss the dangers of this and how to protect your online identity using privacy settings accurately.
  • Social Networks Debate – discuss whether children should be using social networking sites. We have a worksheet to prepare for these debates with prompts to help your pupils out.
  • Dilemmas – this allows children the chance to explore oversharing, private information, app permissions and much more. Write about ways in which you should deal with these dilemmas and how to express their worries.

My Online Identity

  • Making Choices template – helps your pupils write about the choices that they’d make online. Use the prompts to set your own discussion points, with some already pre-set such as, private information, using a device that isn’t yours etc.
  • Being a good online role model – help your pupils express who they want to be online. Use this template to create a leaflet for your pupils to help other children become good online role models.
  • My Identity writing template – pupils can write about aspects about their identity; their family, appearance, friends, hobbies, religion etc. This can lead to a discussion about what aspects of their identity should be shared with the public and what shouldn’t be shared, showing them how to be free to be themselves whilst keeping safe online.

Purple Mash Subscriber Specials

Creating Avatars

If you’re a Purple Mash subscriber, we would recommend allowing your class to create their avatar on their account. To create your avatar, simply click on the image next to your name and start creating! Give your class up to 20 minutes to get creative and see what they can come up with. After each pupil has created their avatar, hold a discussion about why they have chosen their avatar to look how they have. This can be a way of introducing your identity online in a safe environment.


Do you know that if the class all have avatar images, you can create a 2Investigate database called Class that will automatically import records for the class with their avatars and names and teacher could then add fields like ‘Do you use avatars online?’, ‘what are your hobbies?’, ‘your ambitions?’, ‘do you use your real name online?’ and other identity-related fields. This is an easy way to collect everyone’s ideas and display in a safe way.



2Email is one of our most popular resources in Purple Mash and our Confidential Information activity will support your pupils in learning about what is safe to share online. Our simulation is kept within Purple Mash, so is a safe environment for pupils to learn about email and how to respond.

Prejudice is another of our 2Email simulations in which Cyber Cop probes questions surrounding prejudice which can occur online teaching your pupils about bullying and prejudice online.

If you’re not currently subscribed to Purple Mash, start your FREE 14-day trial here to access these resources.

Share your Safer Internet Day activities on Twitter @2SimpleSoftware and @SafeInternetDay with the #FreeToBeMe.

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