Dear Student,

Technology has changed our world, allowing us to accomplish tasks in much simpler ways. Instead of riding a horse long distances to school, we can now get there much quicker on a bus. Instead of writing a letter that a mailman’s hand delivers to another person’s mailbox, we can send a text message that instantly arrives on a cell phone. In the field of science, our lives are simpler and more efficient in a variety of ways because of robotics. In fact, the bus or car you take to school was probably built by robots working along an assembly line.

Consider how robots have changed our world. One small invention can completely change how we live or interact with each other. No matter how large or life-changing an invention is, it starts with a very small concept: an idea. Every great invention started as a thought in someone’s head. Many inventions have resulted from ideas generated by kids! Kids thought of better ways to do things, and they were able to put their ideas into action. You are the next generation of innovators! What are some problems that you would like to solve with an invention?

Since you are the future of our world and will shape the world of tomorrow, you will be given the opportunity to work with a team of students to determine a problem or need that you feel needs addressing. Your challenge is to create a Lego Mindstorms robot that will:

    • be used for space.
    • be used to improve life.
    • be used to explore unknown areas.
    • be used to explore museums virtually (see this explanation).
    • solve a unique need (create a robot that will be useful to your community).

During the last week of this competition, your team will submit a video of your robot to be evaluated. Your team may also choose to prepare a report or digital presentation on how your robot solves your problem. Once the judges evaluate all of the robotics, based on the project rubric, the winning team will be announced!

Good luck! Happy inventing!

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