I Belong is a programme specifically designed to support you to encourage girls into computer science and to help combat gender imbalance in the subject.

Computing is fast becoming a universal requirement for employment, yet the number of girls participating in the subject is disproportionate.

By enrolling on the programme, you will understand the factors affecting girls’ participation and work with colleagues to make computer science in your school more inclusive.

Sometimes you need a helping hand to strike up inspiration, so NCCE have come up with some ideas for you:
Find out more by clicking here.


  • Join┬á Encouraging girls into GCSE computer science┬áremote┬ácourse. By enrolling, you will discuss, evaluate, and plan┬áeffective interventions to increase the recruitment of girls at Key Stage 4:
    • free to state-funded schools
    • complete anywhere you want
    • only takes 2 hours to complete


  • Become an┬áI Belong champion. They are looking for educators to join┬á in championing computer science for girls:
    • gain a digital badge
    • join an online community
    • share and embed inclusive practice
  • Want to learn more? Take a look at this information pack:
    • find out why you are vital to the effort
    • discover what you will gain from the programme
    • learn where you can start


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