Barefoot have an exciting update to share around Barefoot resources.


Barefoot meets the micro:bit

Barefoot is excited to announce that for our latest set of resources we’ve teamed up with the micro:bit Educational Foundation to create two ‘Barefoot meets the micro:bit’ activities.


Our first, ‘Wildlife Animations’, is for pupils aged 7-9 years. In these lessons, pupils create simple animations on the micro:bit’s LED display inspired by nature. Pupils also complete unplugged activities to explore how their programs are transferred to the micro:bit and how a simple animation can be created using two static images.  
We also have ‘Litter Hunt’ for pupils aged 9-11 years. In these lessons, pupils learn about the role of variables in storing data and convert their micro:bit into a litter counting device. They then go on their own litter hunt around school, counting how much litter they find and how much of it is recyclable.  
No micro:bits? No problem! If schools do not have micro:bits, they can use the free online simulator to complete the lessons. The simulator runs online and so is easily accessed on PCs, laptops or tablets. 

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