A round up of some of the e mails and information that have come in to me this week:

1. The STEM network have just released a fabulous assessment resource. This collection contains electronic versions of the summative assessments in the Teach Computing Curriculum for KS2, covering 11 topics within the computing curriculum. Each link enables teachers to duplicate a copy of the question banks into their own Google or Microsoft accounts.
Here’s the link:

2. SWGFL have a great offer – why not stock up now. For a limited time only, get FREE printed online safety leaflets delivered to your school by using the code IMfreeshipping at checkout.*


Made to share with students or teachers, display around school, or send home to parents, there is a range of topics to choose from. Get guides about screen time, online hate, child-on-child abuse and more. Free guides for specific age groups and stages of education are also available to order.

3. Report – Remove tool
Report/Remove is operated via the NSPCC’s Childline service using the skillset of the Internet Watch Foundation and you can find further details HERE. Please share this with your students as appropriate.

4. The continual media reporting of people like Andrew Tate combined with the algorithms used within the likes of social media means that misogynistic content is everywhere. Internet Matters have put some great resources together to help with this, including a video, where children might see this type of content online, terms to know and tips to tackle misogyny. You can find all the resources HERE. There is also really good information and advice in relation to tackling online hate and trolling which you can find HERE.

5. There have been quite a few updates to TikTok over recent months so it may be worth considering sending out this updated guide to parents which includes family paring, digital wellbeing, privacy and more. You can find the updated guide HERE.

Happy Friday everyone

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