MarvellousME Demonstration – Tuesday 27th September 2016

Just a reminder about the Marvellous Me demo happening next week.

Places are still available. To book your place click here

Any school that comes to the event, and signs up within 2 weeks, will receive a free health check after 6 weeks of going live, to help guarantee maximum parent engagement and success.


Here are some quotes from existing users


“We love the fact that MarvellousMe only gives good news to parents.”


“We love the fact that it’s so quick and easy for teachers to use, and that parents can’t message back. “


“ We love the fact that it’s a whole school solution, that everyone uses and that’s set up and maintained centrally.”


“ We love the leadership features and tools that enable us to tailor parent engagement to where it matters most to our school, and show off how well we are doing. “


‘The best way to  engage hard-to-reach parents is to say something nice to them.’


MarvellousME Demonstration


‘The best way to  engage hard-to-reach parents is to say something nice to them.’

On Tuesday 27th Sept 2015, at Mortimer Primary School the founder of MarvellousMe Adrian Burt will be hosting a presentation at 1:30pm, and 4:00pm.

We would to invite our schools to come to learn more and to hear about the impact MarvellousMe can make at your school.

To book your place click here

We all know that parental engagement has a big impact on children’s happiness and success at school, yet connecting with families, and providing them with just the right information, has always been a challenge. Doing it consistently and measurably across a whole school has been virtually impossible. Up until now…

Lots of schools are now using the new MarvellousMe app, to supercharge family conversations about school and to get parents engaged, even the hard to reach ones.

The results are impressive and it’s delighting teachers, parents, children and OFSTED inspectors everywhere, without adding to teacher workload.

The average level of parent engagement across all schools using MarvellousMe is over 85% and you can see some amazing success stories by tapping on the links below.

If you can’t make the group presentation, but are interested in finding out more, please let us know.

What is MarvellousME?


Pokemon Go

We have had this message from South Tyneside Council we thought we’d share with you.

Mobile gamers using Pokémon Go are reminded not to put their own safety in danger.

The new mobile game app has been sweeping the nation and sending messages to gamers telling them where to find Pokémon. However, some of the locations of the virtual creatures are located in places which could see the user potentially put themself in danger

The NSPCC has also released a guide for parents to keep children safer whilst playing on the app: NSPCC: Pokemon Go Parent’s Guide

Kidsafe tutor reunion


It was fabulous getting back together with our first group of Kidsafe tutors. What amazing work has been going on in the past year to help give our kids the skills to stay safe in the digital world.  Well done, and huge thanks for all your hard work and commitment.