Pokemon Go

We have had this message from South Tyneside Council we thought we’d share with you.

Mobile gamers using Pokémon Go are reminded not to put their own safety in danger.

The new mobile game app has been sweeping the nation and sending messages to gamers telling them where to find Pokémon. However, some of the locations of the virtual creatures are located in places which could see the user potentially put themself in danger

The NSPCC has also released a guide for parents to keep children safer whilst playing on the app: NSPCC: Pokemon Go Parent’s Guide

Kidsafe tutor reunion


It was fabulous getting back together with our first group of Kidsafe tutors. What amazing work has been going on in the past year to help give our kids the skills to stay safe in the digital world.  Well done, and huge thanks for all your hard work and commitment.

Offer from one of our suppliers

KBR are one of the companies we work with and are having a Roadshow on 30th June at Clervaux Exchange to showcase whats new out there!!

Please see details from KBR below

Capture kbr



Come and join us and host of well-known technology brands at The Clervaux Business and Conference Centre in Jarrow on Thursday the 30th June from 9:30am, for a technology exhibition event, hosted by local firm, KBR.


With top names such as HP, Aruba, C-Touch, Meru, Fortinet, MakerBot, Acer, Fujitsu, Epson, and technology firms including KBR Wi-Fi, Konnectifi, Hypertec, Westcoast, Your Computer Centre, Laser-ex and more in attendance, you can see the latest I.T. equipment all under one roof which is ideally placed for the education market.


We have a range of top prizes to give away and every exhibitor is donating fantastic prizes and all you need to do is simply visit every stand and get your card stamped from the exhibitor and leave your contact details. We will then do a draw to announce the winners of each prize.


To register please click the below link or contact me direct on 0191 492 8004 and ask for Colin Howse.



Megafit Video Conference 2016

Fitness challenge

Wow, what an amazing time we had with our annual Megafit video conference this morning!


The Megafit video conference event is part of the Fitness Challenge project we are running with Year 4 students across the borough.

We were joined by Louise Scott (Witness the Fitness) for a metafit session shared with our schools via Google hangouts.

We had 8 schools who took part.

  • Whitburn Village primary School
  • West Boldon Primary School
  • St Gregory’s RC Primary School
  • Harton Primary
  • Holy trinity C of E Academy
  • Mortimer Primary School
  • Marine Park Primary School
  • St Oswald’s RC Primary School

Some larger schools had 3 classes of year 4 children participating at once. We had a few teachers joining in and we even had one school where all of the children in the school gave it a go! We even had a few  parents joining in at St Oswald’s RC Primary School.

We had over 400 children and adults participate.

It was brilliant to see you all keeping fit together. It will certainly have given you all a boost on your Fitness Challenge journey. Keep an eye on the league table!

Well done everybody and thank you for making it such a successful event.

Many thanks to Louise Scott. We look forward to seeing you again for more events soon.

witness the fitness


What is the Fitness Challenge?

The Fitness Challenge is a project to get year 4 pupils to be more active by engaging them in monitoring their activity. Additional motivation will be provided by making them part of a class team and / or competing against other schools in South Tyneside.

Key features of the project are:

• It will run for a period of 50 school days from April 2015 –not including the weekends, bank holidays and school holidays;

• Each Year 4 pupil will be part of a whole class team;

• Pupils will measure the steps that they take and their activities each day;

• All activity will be converted to a step equivalent e.g. Pupils can get a fixed number of steps for cycling or swimming;

• Pupils will record their steps / activity online each day;

• The results of each pupil in the class team will be averaged to get team progress;

• The steps taken by the team will be collated to show how far they would have travelled around Europe;

• Pupils will be awarded virtual trophies to reward them for progress; and

• Pupils will be able to see how they are progressing against their friends and how their team is progressing against other schools and potentially you and their head teacher!

Schools and pupils will have the ability to enter data online each

day either by computer, tablet or phone.


The challenge:

Pupils will be provided with a accelerometer which they will need to wear every day, attached to their trousers or skirt waistband;

Pupils are given a challenge of reaching 15,000 steps per day – this could equate to:

• 75,000 steps per week per pupil;

• Over 50 days per pupil this would equate to 3,750,000;

• For a class of 28 pupils this would equate to walking over 3,000 miles over the first half term; and

• For a class of 28 pupils over 5,000 miles for the second half term.


We have linked this directly to a specific route that pupils will travel.

The route starts off by following the route of the Jarrow March to

London and then moves on to include many of the capital cities of